The Enterprise Academy

The Enterprise Academy is the education and training offered to schools and organisations that has been established by The Enterprise Centre. Enterprise education projects have been delivered in primary and secondary schools in Bury with great success… not just in terms of qualifications but also in the acquisition and development of the soft skills that comprise an enterprising and entrepreneurial mind-set. The programmes have been pioneering and innovative and have led to a long-lasting partnership between the local schools and The Enterprise Centre.

Primary Schools

The Enterprise Academy team are pioneers in the design and delivery of enterprise activity in primary schools. We have won prestigious “star” awards for being the first organization to deliver Enterprise at School and to accredit the achievements of pupils in years 5 and 6 with vocationally-related enterprise qualifications. Our first pilot project was in one of the most deprived communities in Greater Manchester.

The Enterprise Centre uses various creative models to explore enterprise as a generic and transferable skill. This has now been proven to broaden the child’s ability to think ‘outside the box’ and develop innovative problem solving skills for themselves.

Secondary Schools

The Enterprise Academy has delivered enterprise programmes at secondary schools for over 10 years. During this time we have worked with mixed ability students ranging from those at risk of exclusion to ‘gifted and talented’ young people. Each of our projects is bespoke and delivered to maximise achievement for the learners involved.

The Enterprise Academy specialises in working within deprived communities and has brought about many success stories in challenging situations. As a social enterprise committed to developing enterprise cultures for all, we recognise that this target group often needs a greater level of intervention and so we ensure high levels of achievement and impact.

The Enterprise at School projects have led to many accreditations and qualifications in enterprise-related areas and have also raised standards and improved achievement in other areas of learning. We recognise that enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit can be facilitated and encouraged and can bring enormous benefit to a classroom environment as it enhances a student’s ability to achieve more within their National Curriculum subjects.

Further Training

The Enterprise Academy is committed to delivering sustainable training programmes and we have a range of enterprise-related programmes that are specifically designed for teachers so they can continue to develop in-house enterprise activity.

In today’s employment market place, students need the advantages that come from being enterprising and entrepreneurial and these transferable skills can easily be integrated into the school curriculum. We also undertake a number of continuous professional development programmes for employees and managers which are quality controlled and certified by Awarding Bodies such as EDI and ASET.

We provide training programmes for organisations and regularly run these at The Naturally Enterprising Centre in Tottington or at Earl Mill in Oldham.

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