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Naturally Enterprising is a project created by The Enterprise Centre to provide an Alternative Education provision, a community hub and place to support NEET individuals enabling them back to work, into more training or volunteering . We are a quality and recognised Enterprise and Earth Education provider, facilitators of The Step up programme and coaches in health and wellbeing. Our centre set in the the Kirklees Valley nature reserve in Bury. Our purpose is to capacity build and develop confidence and wellbeing for those in need. We do this by encouraging individuals to access the many benefits of nature, enjoy the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning, learning with horses and equine therapy whilst contributing to the development of the green spaces within their local communities’.

Naturally Enterprising is an initiative that combines enterprise training and personal development with the natural environment and supported by Equine Assisted Learning and therapy.

The team at The Enterprise Centre are qualified teachers or teaching assistants and they run a range of activities which encourage the development of individuals and their emotional management. We also run women only wellbeing programmes to provide our clients with a wide range of skills that will take them forward to their future success.


Step-Up To Success

The Step-Up To Success Programme helps to develop positive mental and physical attitudes through a series of workshops, events and experiences that are very different from traditional learning practices.

For each individual, we provide a private 1-to-1 session during which we will design a personalised learning programme. This identifies possible strengths to build upon to overcome any barriers they may have and identifies pathways to success. The delivery of the programme will then consist of a mix of very practical small group sessions in emotional management, self-development, confidence building, enterprise skills,  personnal mastery and land management. The whole programme is wrapped in Equine assisted learning and delivered in a unique environment in the heart of The Kirklees Nature Reserve.

There are different Step-Up To Success Programmes available that may run over 6, 8 or 12 weeks and last up to 6 months with our drop in facilities. It is up to the customer to decide how long they want to continue and work with us in a volunteering capacity . In the last 4 years we have succesfully delivbered to 125 individuals many of whom have gone on to work; self employment, training or volunteering.

Equine Therapy Bury

Equine therapy Bury is also known as equine-assisted therapy (EAT), is a method that includes learning with horses or an equine environment to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in people with mental or behaviour imbalances.

Since horses have similar behaviours to humans, such as social and responsive behaviours, it is easy for individuals to create a connection with the horse. This results in allowing individuals to grow by establishing trust, communicating effectively, managing emotional responses, setting and maintaining safe and appropriate behaviour patterns, developing leadership skills and growing confidence.

Naturally Enterprising uses 3 ponies to deliver our equine assisted learning which helps to develop confidence and self esteem . Many of the skills we teach in our sessions translate well into the business world and because the environment is so different it will help our clients think more creatively and produce more effective leaders.

Whilst we use Equine therapy Bury in our courses,  one to one sessions or bespoke small groups can be arranged and prices are available on request.

Equine courses for over 16's

Want to learn or improve your Natural Horsemanship and Equine Care?

We offer a range of Equine Care and Psychology accredited programmes from: equine first aid, behaviour and horse care & stable management.

Choose from a range of equine courses delivered by horse psychology experts, using our Equine Therapy ponies.


For more information and costings please email  


For more information on the choice of programmes and slots available


We can provide 1-to-1 mentoring and support sessions to help clients to grow and be successful. This can be delivered with equine therapy or not as needed.

The 1-to-1 sessions will be tailored directly to the specific needs of the client and a programme of bespoke advice and support are subsequently identified. Qualified life coaches and NLP practioners deliver this service all of whom have life experience to help them relate more personally to each client. We also offer 1:2:1 for young people and this can be seen in our School projects section.

Our staff and associates are all successful in their chosen fields and
a mentor will be identified whose experience and skills are most relevant to your needs and your stage of development.


We can provide  Leadership and Project Management training to help our business networks  to grow and become even more  successful. We have a long succesful track record of business development and are responsible for the writing of the National Standards Level 3 and 4 in Project Management as now appear of OFQUAL.

Our unique environment and learning with horses in Bury  provides an added unique element to this training.

Our staff and associates are all highly experienced and very successful in their chosen fields. We have accredited in excess of 1,600 individuals in Project Planning and Management.

Equine therapy for SEND and SEMH


Do you know about the many the benefits of equine therapy?

Equine therapy helps individuals to better manage their emotions and learn to express feelings more positively. Grooming, caring and leading the horses helps with mental health, improves self-esteem and anxiety.

Targeted audience: young people 11+ SEND and SEMH


5 x 1 hour 1 to 1 sessions @ £300 includes certification.

For more information for slots available please contact


Don’t just take our word for it…

All of our courses work!

“The Enterprise Centre have given the children such an amazing opportunity. The enthusiasm, the knowledge and understanding but most importantly the smiles they came back with week in week out is a HUGE testament to the staff and animals at the centre. Thank you all for letting our children be part of this wonderful experience.”

Miss Dean

Inclusion Lead at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Bury

“Once began attending TEC, I instantly fell in love with everything it had to offer. The beautiful environment put my mind at ease, and became something to look forwards to. I have achieved many qualifications through UK Rural Skills, including: Basic horse care, Project planning, Animal nursing and much more. I am now working towards getting an apprenticeship here and I’m so excited to help others as much as the people here helped me.”



“Mainstream school isn’t for everybody, we were distraught as we battled against a system that just did not provide for our daughter’s needs. How lucky we were to find this little gem of a place, ran by highly skilled and motivated staff, full of empathy, hope, and understanding of those who need to take a different educational pathway. TEC has literally been a lifesaver for her, turning her life around, unlocking her potential, and supporting her to grow into a very confident young person with an extremely bright future.”


“After my class attended the Enterprise Centre, it was wonderful to see how much the children all grew in confidence and independence. They built on their social communication skills and team working skills. The enjoyment the children got from these sessions was evident from their weekly excitement. It was a wonderful experience for the children and something I would definitely recommend for the future and other schools.”

Mr Nulty

Year 5 class teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Bury

“I didn’t know what to expect from the programme. I really enjoyed it. I learnt what I needed and the programme gave me the tools to move forward.”


“The programme gave me tools to cope and manage myself. I really enjoyed the space and time I gave myself to chat to others and gain support from others.”


“I think all women would benefit from the Menopause course. It gave me lots of information and I found out a lot about what is happening to me now during the menopause. Thank you.”

Testimonials from the Menopause Programme

“A local community with welcoming people. It is really nice to spend time in this beautiful and therapeutic environment. I have found it very cathartic and I have learnt much along the way!”


“So happy to find this art class. Made new friends along the way and Julian is absolutely fabulous and very helpful!”


“After the hard time with COVID19, this course was extremely enjoyable. I met other like minded people and experienced excellent tuition and very interesting subjects. Thank you.”

 Testimonials from the Art for Beginners Programme


I recently took part in the menopause group which was being run at the enterprise centre by Alison Hornsby.  I can’t believe how much this course has changed not only my life, but my daughter’s and my partner’s lives too.

We finally have our little family back as a caring, loving family unit. Ali delivers her courses with passion, enthusiasm and understanding but while still maintaining a very high standard of professionalism.

I am looking forward to other forthcoming courses she is providing the community, and cannot recommend ali and her team at the enterprise centre, highly enough.”


Testimonial from the Menopause Programme

This is one of the best groups / activity based session I have ever attended! I arrive with the weight of the world on my shoulders and leave feeling fresher minded and feeling lighter.

Although I am not good at art, this is not the main focus, Julian was reassuring and explained we’re here to relax, make friends, share experiences all whilst doing some art work.

The session have defnitely helped and supported my mental health and wellbeing.

It is a fantastic session for people like me- thank you so much!

Testimonial from Art group attendee

The Enterprise Centre is a safe and relaxed place for me, where I have made some lovely friends who made me feel so welcome from day 1. I can’t wait for ‘Monday’s’ to come round and the walk to The Enterprise Centre is an extrs bonus in the calming countryside.


Our tutor Julian is magic and helps us all in everyway, nothing is ever too much trouble if any on=f us need help or support with our art work.


Big shout out to Alison too for facilitating this fantastic art group/class at her lovely Enterprise Centre. Thank you!

Testimonial from Art group attendee


I discovered The Enterprise Centre by chance after moving to the area to live with my daughter. I am so glad I did! I love the art group – it is the best 2 hours of my week.

The group is attended by lovely people who make is a happy Monday morning. Everyone is so welcoming, caring and friendly. As well as this, I have gained the confidence to do art again; something I have not done for many years.


The group s lead by Julian who is a very kind and patient man. He is an excellent artisit and supports everyone in the group so well.

Testimonial from Art group attendee